Skema Sensor Cahaya dan Gerak PIR 2 in 1 Multifungsi

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Dean's Virtual Studio

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4 Komentar

  1. Cem berkata:

    I used the set power supply, when I worked 270 ma pulled current ldr bd139 was connected to the base leg directly when 12v was applied, db 139 was short-circuit burned, then the pot burned to the end of the 5k and tip41 with 1k resistor and since it was insufficient, the pot was burned when the pot was turned to the end, some parts of the circuit could be corrected wrongly.

    • D-Artchitext berkata:

      BD139 works as switch, try to add fixed value resistor in serial line for safety. Again, if you are having problem with burnt element, try lower the PS or add higher value for the other element. I’ve rechecked and retested in real circuit, it works just fine.

  2. Cem berkata:

    I did the same in this circuit, when I turned the 5k pot, the pot burned, the db139 after the condenser burned, why don’t you think where is the problem?

    • D-Artchitext berkata:

      use appropiate power supply, in the video I use 1A power supply, standard variable resistor might burnt, use potensiometer instead. Or use higher value, it doesn’t matter since it only affect light sensitivity.

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