DVS Custom Notification Demo - Top Bottom Notification Bar

December 9th, 2012 No comments

This is DVS Custom Notification Demo - Top Bottom Notification Bar.
Below the full feature of the plugin:

  • Very fast load, uses only php without javascript
  • 2 Notification types
  • Enable to be activated individually or both together.
  • 2 placement options (notification type 1).
  • 9 placement options/ compass (notification type 2).
  • Fixed position (floating on browser).
  • Resizeable Notification box.
  • Dynamic Background color.
  • Example included, easy and fully customize.
  • HTML or javascript code insertion enabled.
Since most of mobile browser doesn't support the float or CSS fixed position, the widget is disabled for mobile browser. In this example, the notification bar placed together at the top and bottom. In the real case, you'll have to choose only 1 placement, top or bottom. But you can also activate the notification type 2 together.
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